Take A Walk House and Coffee | Perfect outing from Chiang Mai

Just a bit over an hour from Chiang Mai in Doi Saket, you will find this part park, part picnic ground, part playground and part farm, Take A Walk House and Coffee. The vicinity of Panghai is constantly getting more and more attention as an attraction.

playground at Take a Walk Cafe
Fun for kids in the playground

The unexpected location

It is a bit unexpected to find this place off the highway between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Take a Walk House hosts a treehouse, a copy of a Hobbiton home and a place where you can visit a neat farm, enjoy coffee and cakes in a cute café, or just relax by the Mae Wang River.

My daughter said that this was the best playground she has been to in Chiang Mai so far. A good review from a girl used to places like Nic’s Playground and Triplets Eat and Play in Chiang Mai.

To begin with, the whole area was planned as a camping ground for kids from Waldorf schools. So the huge and rustic houses were never intended for tourism. But when Covid struck, everything changed. The coffee shop opened because the original plan was impossible to work out. We enjoyed our first visit so much that we decided to come back and stay for one night. The picture below is house nr. 5 next to the coffee shop. These houses are under consideration for long term rental, there is an idea to attract people that want to stay long term, digital nomads and others.

And why not, a peaceful and natural environment with a great playground. At the moment these houses don’t have any decorations though.

Coming here is a day out though since you have to get on the number 118 highway towards Chiang Rai. Plan to spend at least a few hours to make the trip worth it.

Macarons at Take a Walk house and coffee.
Cappuccino and a box of mini macarons (50baht for macarons). They also serve some easy hot dishes of food.
One of the houses for rent at Take a Walk. This house is two story one, clean and nice but not much decorations.

For the current Take a Walk House and Coffee accommodation you need to remember these houses were originally built for teachers and students coming here for an international camp. They have five houses, that as of today’s information, prices range from 1500 baht per night inclusive of breakfast/2 person. There is a family house for client’s that need a larger house. Very large, cool, but no aircon. We stayed one night in June. It wasn’t hot at night. Rather pleasant. You can see fireflies and the frogs croaking remind you that you are very close to water.

The bed on the upper floor in the house at Take a Walk coffee.
2 floor houses and 2 bathrooms, simple and rustic. Can also be rented on a monthly basis.

People are starting to travel and explore a bit now again after the partial lockdown we just had. The parking at the cafeteria was rather full, but the area is big so it is not hard to keep social distance.

The owners and staff are very friendly and answer very fast on Facebook messenger. So it is a good way to contact them on social media.

The Homestay

The actual homestay which is a wonderful teak wooden house surrounded by a few small houses for rent is called Baan Dindandawn Onsen Homestay. Currently closed but the owners gave us an inspection and it looks lovely. This homestay comes with pool access and private small onsens bathtubs. They have their rooms with a connection to the hot springs of Doi Saket. Rooms in this building start from prices a bit over 2000 baht. Dindandawn Onsen will open in a near future. The current plan stands as of July 2021. But better to check directly with the owners for this part.

At the moment you park at a parking lot, then walk along a stream for 100 meters and on the left you will see the area with the homestay before you pass the bridge over to the playground and café. (there is currently a yellow sign that says no entry). So there are two parts, the original homestay building and the freestanding houses near the cafe and playground.

Have a look at this slideshow for the Baan Dindandawn Onsen:

Take A Walk House and Coffee Facebook page here.

And Baan Dindandawn Onsen Facebook Page here.

The location for Take A Walk House and Coffee in Google maps you find here.

Just one more thing, There are photos of people camping in the area. According the owners, their camping ground is now closed so this is not an option anymore.

Lush vegetation and plenty of bamboo in the vicinity.

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