Mae Sa Waterfall | Silverish Waters and Relaxed Picnic grounds

Mae Sa waterfall is indeed one of the best waterfalls in Chiang Mai. The drive is about 30 minutes to 1 hour from downtown Chiang Mai. Depending on traffic. The waterfall consists of 10 levels spanning a total of 1,5 kilometres. The source of the waterfall is from the San Doi mountain ridge. Nevertheless, the most beautiful levels are between five to eight. On some of the higher levels, there are usually fewer people.

There are good parking opportunities and chances to buy fried chicken, papaya salad and sticky rice at the parking area. The entrance fee is steep for foreigners at 200 baht but worth the deal if you have an afternoon to spend.

Nice break at Mae Sa waterfall if you tour the Mae Sa valley

Mae Sa Waterfall sometimes overpopulates at weekends. Despite this, it is a good way for cooling down after you have enjoyed the attractions of the Mae Sa Valley or if you are driving on the Samoeng Loop.

Below are a few pictures from a visit we did a few years ago. We used to frequent Mae Sa waterfall often. Recently we have been more often to the sticky waterfall. That is a bit of a longer drive to Mae Taeng. But it is (so far still) a free of charge option. It doesn’t mean we have abandoned Mae Sa Waterfall. The waterfall was also included in a tour I once conducted with more senior people. They also loved it. But some struggled a bit for the walk to the higher levels in the tropical heat.

Please have respect for flash floods in the rainy season and always follow the advice of the guards in the national park.

During the present covid situation when this is written, the waterfall is not open. Dial the National Park’s information number 053 210 244 for any updates.

The foamy water at Mae Sa falls and a plunge pool.
A lovely plunge pool to get wet.
Map of Mae Sa waterfall, Chiang Mai
An overview and map of the area.
Hiking along Mae Sa waterfall. The nature.
Nature scene along the hike

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