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Perfect hidden gem in Hang Dong. Thai architects call it a masterpiece of Lanna. Wat Ton Kwen built in 1857 has beautiful wooden structures and impressive glass mosaic details.

When in the Mae Sa valley take your time for a bath in the soothing waterfall of Mae Sa. Explore the 10 levels and enjoy papaya salad and fried chicken.

Chiang Mai has some options for families that needs a good cooling down. No coast but we have waterfalls, rivers, some nice hotel pools and more recently the amount of waterparks are on the increase. Here are some suggestions if you are looking for good waterparks in Chiang Mai.

Temple in Hang Dong Chiang Mai

When in Chiang Mai, it is obligatory to see at least some temples. Temples are the core of the ancient heritage and history of this historic capital of Northern Thailand. The new capital in the kingdom of a million rice fields. Here are some suggestions for you, some of the real highlights when it comes to temples in Chiang Mai.

A national park that is still free of charge, a small Canyon and a river with fresh cool water. Escape Chiang Mai for day and enjoy Ob khan’s River beach. It is also a good stop if you are heading towards Inthanon mountain or staying for sometime at Mae Wang nationalpark.