Ob Khan National Park

Enjoy cold river water on a hot day

A perfect day out of Chiang Mai, which can be combined with an overnight at the camping ground, or as a stop on the way to Doi Inthanon mountain. Ob Khan National Park is suitable for a relaxing swim in the river for all ages, to cool down during the hot months of March and April, and camping is popular from November to February and on certain weekends and holidays. So far they don’t charge anything, not for foreigners either, to enter this park. Just make sure that it is ok to swim from the park staff. There might be periods of flash water after heavy rains and so on. Please note that no alcohol is allowed since it is a national park. Count on creative ways among certain locals to solve that issue. Also, there will be a lot of nice smells from cooking on a busy day.

At Ob Khan National Park, you are also very close to the Grand Canyon water park. On the way home from the park you might stop at one of the two lovely coffee shops in the area.

Limestones, evergreen forest, pine forest, dry evergreen forest, mixed forest and deciduous dipterocarp forest are the forest types here. In the park, you have the river source of the Wang River, the Win-River and the Kan River.

Are you looking for trails in the national park a good start is the All trail application that suggests 7 different trails in the park?

Find Ob Khan on Google maps here.

Coffee shops outside Ob Khan

On your left driving into the national park you will see a new, cute coffee shop that just opened. You can have light dishes like pork with basil on rice, fried rice and so on. Bunga cafe and resort.

Or try the Coffee tower. Drive out from Ob Khan towards the city again you find an abandoned tower turned into a coffee shop, The Rectangle. A very unusual idea, but why not? And sure, it comes with some view, the top floor not open at this stage though.

Other places near Chiang Mai that are nice to spend the day or with overnight is at the Rabaeng Treehouse, Chiang Dao or Mae Klang village in Doi Inthanon National Park.

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