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Nowadays there are so many nice restaurants and cafés with play areas in Chiang Mai. It is almost impossible to keep track of all of them. Chamcha fits the description also. Just recently we went there for a birthday party.

Chamcha has upgraded their play area with a giant trampoline, and there is a section where you can play in the sand. The coffee station is as good as anywhere else, and there is the obligatory section with installations for taking pictures. Chamcha provides delicious Thai food, and the kids seem to be especially fond of their banana smoothies.

The coffee place in Chamcha.
Coffee time
Feed the fish in Chamcha
Feed the koi carps
Chamcha sign for the cafe
Play area in Chamcha
Play area in Chamcha

There is a lot of space in the parking lot, and the café itself sits in the Doi Kham area, not far from Ban Suan café and Cup Fine Day.

Chamcha serves its purpose well as a bit of a mix of everything. The fish pond makes it different from Triplets and Nics, for instance, but the play area is not as impressive. The contemporary design gives it a bit of an upscale feeling but not negatively. It is a good option after going to Ratchrapreuk Royal Flora, Night safari or Doi Kham.

Birthday party at Chamcha@doikham
Birthday arrangement

There is something for both kids and adults here. But the higher floors are maybe not so suitable for, the smaller kids. For the birthday party, Chamcha organised beautiful balloons, and they also arranged the cake.

If you hunt for sound advice on what to do in Chiang Mai with children, I highly recommend the Chiang Mai family guide. A blog is full of ideas and activities for what to do in Chiang Mai.

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