Tube Trek Water Park |Revisited

We haven’t been to Tube Trek Water Park since its grand opening a few years ago. Then it was claimed to be Chiang Mais’s only real waterpark. Now there are a few options. Read more about the other here.

Tube Trek Water Park current promotion and rules

Tube Trek Water Park still looks decent, even though it is clear that they also struggled during the pandemic. The park run a good promotion for 199 baht that includes the waves, the smaller slides with all the robots (Uranus Maze😁) and the Lazy River.

For kids taller than 140 centimetres and weight above the particular number of 43kg, they can play the higher slides and The Wormhole.  The all-inclusive promotion stands at 499 baht.

Tube Trek waterpark entrance
The entrance seen from the parking lot.

Arriving early is a good idea

We arrived early. To go when they open is a good idea. The water park gets busy during the day. Roof covered plastic chairs with tables are available. There are no sunchairs because Thai people don’t want to get tanned anyway. There is also a VIP seat section, didn’t see anyone using it

It was a Sunday and in the middle of hot/yellow season. The people that did not travel South figured that this was the best option.

Entering the park, the staff asked for ATK test results, or vaccination proof was enough for some people.

Snacks and food availability

The kids had a great time for over 5 hours. A snack stand offers chicken nuggets, popcorn, French fries, ice cream and such. Beer and soft drinks are available. Prices are reasonable in my view. The system with buying a wristband to pay for seems like overkill for such a small waterpark, though—a lot of queuing everywhere.

There is also the Tube Trek Coffeeshop if you want to escape into an airconditioned area. Coffee is good, and there are some easy Thai dishes on the menu.

The Waves in Tube Trek
The waves, 1 pm, 2 pm and so on..

For the price you pay, Tube Trek is an excellent option to escape the heat in Chiang Mai and activate the kids for a day.

Uranus Maze
Before the crowds in the morning.

The Google Map location of Tube Trek is here. It is in the San Kamphaeng area.

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