Skugga Farm | Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and Racecars

Inside the Skugga farm

Skugga translates to shade in English. The Farm and the name saw birth during a holiday in Sweden. The founder was inquiring about the translation of shade since the plantation they had was in the shade. So, it is Skugga in Swedish, and the owners liked the sound of it.

Skugga Estate initially took off in a tranquil village called Baan Pok in the highlands of Chiang Mai. It started after a visit to a coffee plantation in Doi Saket. The idea of growing coffee took root.

Skugga Farm is adding to the coffee and chocolate scene in Chiang Mai

Here you have a recently opened farm with a single origin focus on chocolate, adding new lovely variations to a chocolate scene that keeps growing in Chiang Mai. Siamaya and Kan Vela are already showing the way. I like the focus on the cocoa itself with Skugga, though, and the added flavour is playing more of a secondary role to the chocolate itself.

Enter Skugga

The bars are a bit pricy, but then again, it takes a week to make them, and the cocoa beans are from the region.

Of course, coffee and tea were also available, but our attention was on the chocolate. The drink menu offered some very imaginative names and well tasting chocolate. As for the pastries, it left nothing to wish for. After a few bites, we were stuffed. So rich that we couldn’t take more chocolate and sweets at the time.

Wake me up! 78% cocoa.
The delicious cocoa drink. Don’t tell mum.
Skuggas drink menu
The menu
Gift boxes at Skugga
The gift box.

Moreover, the management was kind enough to let us try some of their chocolate samples.

Skugga Farm is a bit of a ride from Chiang Mai. So, if you are heading to San Khampaeng hot springs, Nasi Jumpu restaurant or going rock climbing? It is on your way. Otherwise, it would help if you made this a trip in itself. It is such a well-arranged area, and I wish them the best of luck. Very impressed by anyone trying something like this. And hope that despite the location, business works out well for this initiative.

At last, Skugga is more than just an Instagram hotspot place, even though the car museum invites to photos. The area gives you a sense of riding your car in the European countryside, and then suddenly, a fantastic farm with high-quality homemade products happens upon you.

Skugga Farm Estate can be found on Google maps here.

Skugga is the name of the farm and estate.
Yes, the name of the Estate. Shadow.
Some unique toilet names.
Skugga racecar collection
A racecar collection.
Different chocolate choices at Skugga.
The delicious single origin chocolate options at Skugga Farm.
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