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The Bamboo Bridge in Mae Hong Son is 500 metres long and serves the monks of a monastery. It is a pretty view to relax the eyes on. Located in a valley with rice paddies.

In 1897, Rama V, one of the great Monarch of Siam came to visit Sweden. 101 years later a Thai Pavilion was inaugurated in a somewhat unlikely place. Read the story about the King of Siam’s visit to the northern region of Jämtland.

Walk into a retro environment and enjoy coffee in a passenger car connected to a steam engine. All situated in the mountain area of Samoeng. One of Chiang Mais good instagram – hotspots.

Once a year the city of Yasothon is put on the map for its famous rocket festival. Once the bamboo rockets were made by monks. Now there is a competition in the area for the best and strongest rockets. This event is going on in the countryside as well. The point is to get generous amounts of water for the rice season.

Chiang Mai is definitely in itself worth a few days of sightseeing but if you are longing to get out, experience nature and fet away from the city scene. Here are some suggestions of highlights outside the city.

A very historic destination with many interesting places to visit. River Kwai and Kanchanaburi are so much more than a bridge. It is the story of the Death Railway and hardships during the Second World War, all located in a very stunning landscape. Enjoy some nights at a resort by the river and explore the sites.

This small town has surprisingly great seafood and a very pretty coastline. See where to stay and eat during your stay in Chumphon.

You are probably familiar with Wat Doi Suthep, maybe also Wat Doi Kham, but how about Wat Ban Pong? It is another temple, or at least a pagoda on a hill top. And with a great challenging staircase for the people that wants the excercise. Chiang Mais white pagoda on the hill really stands out in the landscape, and the temple is really one of these local treasures. Still under construction it will take some time before it becomes a major tourist attraction.