The Golden Rock of Thailand

Did you know that Thailand has its own Golden Rock? Yes, there is a slight resemblance to the Golden Rock in Myanmar, but still not quite comparable. The fact that it exists raises ones curiosity though, so in January 2015 I went there with a friend to find out what it was like.

The official Thai name is Phra That In Kwaen and it sits on a mountaintop named Doi Tham Hin. According to the legend told, villagers saw two rocks on the cliff. The rocks were leaning so much that the villagers were concerned that the rocks would fall down at any unprecedented time. So, they tried to push the rocks themselves to prevent a disaster. It turned out that the rocks couldn’t be moved no matter how many people that tried to push the over.

A famous monk with a large amount of followers decided he wanted to find the legendary stones. A mountain, stones, then definitely there will be a pagoda.

There is a pilgrimage to get to the top, you walk through nature and everywhere people built mini pagodas with stones. Except for the holy aspect of the place, the nature and the views are impressive.

Since this is a holy place, please pay respect to the dresscode and behave in a modest way.

The Golden Rock in Myanmar with a blue sky background
Compare with the holy Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Mon State Myanmar

Adress to Phra That In Kwaen on Google map here. To get there you need to join a tour or drive yourself.

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