Captivating Pu Chi Fa | A Sea of Misty clouds

If you are in the North of Thailand from November to February consider seeing the fairytalish views in Phu Chi Fa, “the mountain that points to the sky”. Walking up in the daytime is nice, but catching the sunrise and a sea of clouds or mist is why everyone is there. The peak stands at 1628 m above sea level. The cliff is part of the Doi Phang Mon sub-range, which rises near the border with Laos and slopes towards the Mekong river. There will be cooler temperatures, close to zero degrees. And you will not be alone. But the views are out of this world. I consider it to be one of Thailands best views.

Sunrise at Phu Chi Fa
Welcoming the new day at Phu Ch Fa
Phu Chi Fa is a dream destination for many Thai people
Patiently waiting at dawn

The accommodation in the mountains is of the B&B /homestay type. Often cosy, but hardly luxurious. Still, you need to call quite early to book one night. During high season it gets fully booked fast. Many of the accommodations have names only in Thai and sometimes only a phone number.

Telephone to Phu Chi Fa homestay Ban Oi.

Try to search on Facebook as well if you look for options in Phu Chi Fa.

Cooking breakfast after a chilling morning in the mountains.

The easiest way to get here is definitely with a car/rental car. Combine the stay here with a few days exploring Chiang Rai and its surroundings.

Pu Chi Fa should be on anyone’s agenda as one of Northern Thailands best sights.

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