Rabeang Pasak | A Treehouse Resort in the middle of the teak forest

A big wow for Rabeang Pasak treehouse resort! There’s so much more to Thailand beyond the beaches. Rabeang Pasak treehouse resort not far from Chiang Mai has some really unique cottages. We enjoyed teak forests, two caves and red dunes. So, not only was the accommodation in its kind. Nature nearby was a treat – indeed, some of the most pristine teak forests near Chiang Mai can be found around the Rabeang Pasak treehouse resort.

Tree house resort
Welcome to the Rabaeng Pasak Treehouse Resort.
Teak forest
Enter the teak forest
sundowner Rabaeng Treehouse
A beer for “sundowner”. The sunsetting spot is just a 5 minutes walk from the resort.
Dinner at the treehouse
The dinner is an additional 300 baht per person. What at feast!

The background of the Treehouse resort

The Rabaeng resort is a family-owned treehouse resort developed by Mr Bullsiri Suwannach, a retired architect. It started as a family vacation home in 2010. Then it was opened for the public in 2012.

Promotion in January 2021 stood at 1500 baht per night(small cottage), including breakfast. (This price won’t last when tourism returns to Thailand) When you contact the resort, I recommend using Facebook messenger for a fast reply. The management will ask you to select the kind of Treehouse you prefer. The houses all have an individual names.

There are very few cottages(6 small and two families sized), so it is easy to keep the distance relevant during the pandemic.

We stayed at the Palm house because my daughter wanted a balcony with a Riverview.

In January, the night’s might get kind of cold. 6-9 degrees Celsius in South East Asia can be chilly.

Bring some extra clothes and enjoy the opportunity to have a campfire during nighttime.

Here is a direct link to their website. Rabaeng Treehouse.

Treehouse in Mae Taeng
Rabaeng Pasak Tree house
The small resort shop

This is just like Ban Mae Klang and Chiang Dao, a lovely city break to make within 2 hours of driving from bustling Chiang Mai.

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