The Idyllic Akha Mudhouse in Doi Mae Salong

Sunset seen from the restaurant

A visit to Doi Mae Salong, elevation 1367 meters above sea level, was part of last summer roadtrip over the mountains from Chiang Mai to Chiang Saen. Doi Mae Salong describes it shortly as a community settled by the former Kuomintang nationalist forces, the 93rd Division, who moved from Myanmar to reside on Thai territory in 1961. The Chinese settlers gradually became tea cultivators, and now Mae Salong is also a tourist attraction where to enjoy Chinese and Yunnanese food. We tried a new idea this time, to stay in the Akha Mudhouse.

Our hosts are from the Akha ethnic group. They are one of the hill tribe groups that initially resided in Yunnan or maybe Tibet. In Thailand, there is an estimated population of 80 000 Akhas.

I had noticed this homestay in the Kuomintang and hill tribes settlement of Mae Salong many times on So I was curious. At last, we went there, and it was a great experience. The views are breathtaking, the local kantoke/traditional meal for dinner was excellent. (Free flow).

The accommodation itself is attractive because you visit a hill tribe, in this case, the Akha people and they welcome you on their terms. Similar to staying at Lisu or Lanjia Lodge here in North Thailand.

You will learn something about their lifestyle, festivals, coffee that they grow and raising pigs. Some of the more confident kids in the village will show you around and practice their English.

The resort and homestay of Akha Mudhouse in Chiang Rai. View of New construction.
Building a new part with a sauna!!
Of course there is a first class coffee machine.
Demonstration by the owner
And a very good night’s sleep.
Akha kids taking part in a festival near Chiang Rai , December 2017

When we stayed at the Akha Mudhouse, we were the only clients there. It was low season but also just after the lockdown. I hope they get better business this year; it is such a lovely homestay.

Find them on Google map here.

Call them for direct booking: Phone093 258 9994.

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