Nam Tok Bua Tong | The Sticky Waterfall

One of Chiang Mais small wonders, Nam Tok Bua Tong(sticky waterfall), is another excellent day out from Chiang Mai. Roughly 1,5 hours from downtown. And it is a favourite among kids. Climbing and gliding, but without slipping in the crystals, clear water of the multi-tiered falls is a great way to cool off in the Thai heat.

Mostly it is not slippery. Be aware. However, there are a few places where there are algae, and those are areas where you definitely can fall over.

Cream colored limestone at the sticky waterfall

At first sight, it is hardly the most impressive waterfall you have seen, but the source is from a mineral spring, so there is always water on the cream coloured limestone. The water is rich in calcium, which leaves a substance behind on the rocks. This creamy coloured layer is what makes the stones look like a stone sponge. To get the gecko effect, you need to be barefooted when you walk on the rocks.

When our kids played on that surface for a long time, some of them did need some plaster/band-aid for minor wounds on their feet. But they soon forgot about it and went off to play again.

Walking down the waterfall
Walk in the waterfall
The sticky waterfall Chiang Mai
The perfect shower

There are restaurants and a few tables nearby the parking. Officially they don’t allow you to bring food down to the lower levels of the fall. But you can have a picnic near the headquarter also.

Som Tam spicy papaya salad
Of course there is papaya salad
Views Sticky Waterfall area Mae Kaeng
The surrounding forest

There are stairs available for walking down; if you stroll on the waterfall down, there are ropes for your safety. The first time it felt a bit weird to be spiderman. You can’t believe that you don’t slip, so to say.

The entrance is free of charge still, so it is a treat in that way. To get here, rent a car, take a Grab or join a tour.

Park sign sticky waterfall in Chiang Mai
The typical park sign in Thailand.

Near the sticky waterfall, you also find the Rabaeng tree resort. Why not combine a visit here with outstanding accommodation in a stunning location!

Sticky it is
Plenty of butterflies around

Nam Tok Bua Tong – the sticky waterfall is lovely all year round.

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