Mon Cham | Glamping With Hot Pot In The Clouds

Mon Cham(Jaem) used to be a location where a lot of Royal Project vegetable produce was grown, and to some extent still is. After becoming more known to the public from a popular drama series, this became a hot spot in the mountains near the valley of Mae Rim. 2013 we went to one of the few glamping sites at the time, run by the Royal Project with excellent food, lovely views, a small field with flowers and a private toilet for your tent on the slope.

But as I mentioned, the situation has exploded up there with new camping and glamping sights. Not very different from how a once-isolated paradise beach suddenly becomes mega-popular. And it is hard to criticise the hill tribes for profiting and making a living from it. However, there has been a decision to clear the area of some of these camping grounds, not being legal and the land designated as grounds for growing vegetables.

Mon Cham
Flowery fields forever.

If you decide to go here, it will be a warm-hearted atmosphere with many Thai tourists checking in relatively late. People enjoy hot pots and drinking until early morning when they often leave pretty suddenly. Suppose you are looking for that quiet, isolated camping site. You should probably search somewhere else.

Mon Cham is also OK for a day trip. Come and take selfies with fields of flowers, and enjoy good coffee.

Here are some of my photos from January 2013. It was indeed a rather cold night. But I still remember the panorama views and the fantastic scones and coffee in the morning.

Glamping in Mon Jam
The perfect morning after a cold night in the tent Mon Cham.

Some facts about Mon Cham:

Mon Cham is situated on a hill ridge, the Mong Nong Hoi village in Mae Rim. To begin with, it was the Kiu Seau forest area. Then, villagers converted the site to opium production. For a long time, it has been part of a Royal Project. The Royal Project transformed the space into vegetable production. Camping and glamping now blend with agriculture. Also, on the top of the mountain, Mon Cham has a famous viewpoint called “Mon Long”. This is a popular spot where people see the” sea of mist”.

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