Scent of the Tiger Queen | Hanami in Chiang Mai

When Japan is closed the mountains outside Chiang Mai will do for hanami.

Let’s be touched by nature by looking at it with the heart. Appreciating seasonal changes, the time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Well maybe not quite as Zen here. But in recent years with more Thais than ever going to the land of the rising sun – why not grow Himalayan cherries at home as well? Locally named Tiger Queen flowers(Nang Paya Sua Kroang). Cherry magic in the north is arguably the most perfect instagramable hot spot in January.

There are a few places you can visit. When the blooming reaches its peak period you will enjoy your sakura with the crowd, but it is still a worthwhile experience. Sakura watching Thai style means local hill tribes selling sweet potatoes, strawberries, excellent arabica coffee (local produce). Many smiles and great scenery. It’s worth it, albeit traffic gets busy in and out. Then, it is a good way to avoid weekends.

The place we went to is just beyond the Doi Pui camping grounds,

Go to see sakuras in the Chiang Mai mountains. It is a popular hanami spot in January.
Just a few kilometres from Doi Pui camping.

Khun Chang Khian Agricultural Center is located 1400 meters above sea level, and the Himalayan cherry trees were planted for tourism.

The road here can get a bit narrow and there will be local red buses, so-called Songthews standing by to provide bumpy taxi service from The Bhuping Palace parking. Negotiate the price!

Estimate around two hours for the visit, depending on if you’re indulging in coffee at The Fernpresso cafe or not. It is so much fun to see Thai people enjoy this flowery outing on a weekend. Taking pictures with the Tiger Queen.

There are a few quite nice restaurants around the parking, just by the market area. Our choice was ครัวระเบียงชมวิว, that served a nice variety of dishes. You could get the general Thai cuisine, Northern and Northeastern food such as papaya salad and black pepper mushroom soup.

Also, read about Sakura in Japan. 2021 had the earliest sakura arrival ever.

Combine your visit here with camping in Doi Pui. Read more about the Doi Pui Camping site here.

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